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EG 281.1

EG 281.1

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ZVA 25

Nozzle TypeZVA 25 GR
Order No.ZVA 25 GR
Short DescriptionHIFLO automatic nozzle DN 25
DescriptionMax. flowrate 140 l/min.
Special solvent type for drum and container filling, for active vapour recovery.
Temperature-20° C to +55° C
LT-type up to -40° C.
CommentJust like with stateof-the-art petrol station nozzles, vapour recovery is effected with the aid of a vacuum pump. The interface between container filler opening and the nozzle spout stays open.
For further information see Information 3.06.
Pressure0,5 to 3,5 bar
With stronger main valve spring up to 5 bar.
Weight~1,5 kg
CertificateMeets EN 13012. Fulfills the requirements of safety and weight and measures.
ATEX (EX II 1G) certificate no. SIRA 03ATEX9 487U.
TÜV approval P-TÜ7-00512.
Product Sheet
BodySpecial type
Order No.ZVA 25 GR special solvent type, vapour recovery
Short DescriptionSpecial type
DescriptionSpecial type with active vapour recovery for filling solvents into cans, drums and containers from 5–1.000 litres.
With automatic shut-off, max. flowrate 130 l/min.
Materialaluminium, stainless steel, Viton, PTFE
CommentFurther details see Information 3.06 or contact ELAFLEX.
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Last Update: 25.04.2018